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How to make money with URL shortner

How To Shorten URL And make Money With Paid URL Shortener


Did you know that anytime you share your link or link to a piece of content You are leaving money on the table if you ignore this post because you could shorten links and earn money.

Paid link shorteners are overlooked by many but I’m going to show you how I use them to make extra money with my sites and put them all to the test once and for all.

Most websites make money through things like selling ad space, affiliate products or their own digital products and so on. Some monetization methods are more or less passive, some require ongoing work, some seem to suit a particular website well, others not so much.

Creative website owners can combine a variety of methods and use them simultaneously. You have to test a combination of strategies to see what works best for you. But today I’m going to explain a new layer with paid link shorteners and the results of my own tests – the shorteners that are the most profitable. So read on if you would like to add another great weapon of choice to your website monetization arsenal!

What is an URL Shortener

A URL Shortener is a website or application that turns long links into short ones, that redirect to the long link.

Here is an example of a long URL which points to the Ebay:


Here is its short version:


The short version just redirects you to the long version – which makes for easier sharing especially on social networks like Facebook or other social networks.

Using an URL shortener is very easy. Just paste in the URL you want to shorten, click go and you are done.

Why Use A URL Shortener?

Save space and “beautify” links. Short links look better and are more user friendly. For some types of communications like text messages or Twitter posting it’s crucial to keep links short to leave room for a message (as you probably know a tweet is 140 characters long)

Tracking & statistics. Some shorteners give statistics about clicks, impressions and a range of other trackable data.
Hide a target URL. When you see a shortened URL, you don’t know where you will land after you click it. So, some people use this to disguise the target URL.
But the main reason is to make money. You can earn money each time a short link is clicked.

How To Shorten Links And Earn Money

Now you have general idea of how link shorteners work, let’s turn our attention on how to use them to make extra money. Not all shorteners let you earn money. So we will focus entirely Paid Link Shorteners that give you all the advantages of a normal shorteners but with the added ability to make money.

How Paid Shorteners Work

If you add an advertising layer to a classic shortener, you get paid link shortener. The layer is added between a shortened URL and destination page and this is how money comes into play.

How it works in practice:
Visitor clicks a shortened link (URL Shortener) Ad is displayed on an intermediate page – you earn money. The visitor is redirected from the intermediate page to the destination page (long URL) This method of earning money has some interesting advantages. What I like most is that it doesn’t consume real estate space of your websites that are better put to use for improving email conversion.

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I'm not sure how safe it's, sounds like unreal or a scam

December, 26 - Reply

Thanks for the comment Alex. it's very safe, you have nothing to lose, you dont need to give any payment details when you register to one of these programs

December, 26 - Reply

if you dont give payment details when you register, how will you get paid????

December, 27 - Reply

Hello henrietta, whenever you want to get paid you can enter your paypal email and send a request of the amount you've earned, the payment will be sent to your paypal account

December, 27 - Reply

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