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Making a Personal Website With the Best Free Personal Website Builder


Websites are not static; they are dynamic and change constantly. You could pay a professional to build you a stellar website, use your own coding and designing knowledge, or use any of the many HTML5 based website builders to get started with a professional website. The minute you accomplish something, you have the choice of including it in your personal website. Upon finishing a project, you can add it to a portfolio so all your visitors can view it. This means that website building is not a one-time effort, but a continuous one. Of course, this makes your choice of platform very important.

New content, updated listings, changes in contact details, transactions management – there’s a lot more to making a personal website than meets the eye. Modern website builder helps with the process. These drag-and-drop tools allow you to create your very own site without any coding knowledge. There are numerous website builders out there right now, and all of them claim to be the “best” in the industry. Unfortunately, only one can take the top spot and that belongs to Sitesrun.

Why Sitesrun Should Be Your Personal Website Builder of Choice?

Sitesrun is a super easy free website builder, and with good reason. Allowing people without advanced technical or programming knowledge to create stunning, attractive websites is all the tool is about. The biggest contributor to Sitesrun’s popularity is its free plan, which allows you to set up your personal website at zero cost as long as you don’t mind using the Sitesrun sub-domain. Creating a personal blog site that can compete with professional websites, without spending a dime – that’s Sitesrun’s value proposition.

Sitesrun is extremely simple and easy-to-use, making it the go-to tool for DIY website owners. If you need to whip up a decent website in minutes, Sitesrun is the perfect option for the job. You get everything bundled and offered to you without any technical fuss. The overall design and back-end are 100% functional, retaining numerous functions on one screen while maintaining impressive appearances . Sitesrun is extremely intuitive and literally lets you drag and drop elements as per your choice.

First-time website owners should have no trouble figuring out pages, navigation, design – all the different site elements can be configured easily. The on-boarding process is also worth a mention as it immediately starts your account on an email training sequence and guides you through various design choices. If that’s not all, Sitesrun boasts a solid mobile experience, which means users can get their design running on a mobile design from the start and perform the finishing touches later on.

Sitesrun has recently updated its collection of themes and designs and unlike other website builders, most of them don’t need big, professional photos to look great out of the box. Sitesrun has also introduced an impressive Artificial Design Intelligence that takes care of most of the manual work involved with designing a website with an algorithm. This allows for faster, more responsive designs that are easily accessible.


How to Make A Personal Website for Free

You can design a Sitesrun personal site in one of two methods.

The first involves using the Sitesrun Editor, which is the basic site builder that people recognize. Offering hundreds of  templates, users are spoiled for choice. What’s more, you are free to add and reshuffle all the elements present in the site as per your preference. Sitesrun lets you develop beautiful websites in a few hours, making it the perfect tool for restaurants, small businesses, bloggers, online stores, and photographers.

Sitesrun also lets you develop your own site in the most unique possible way. We’re talking about the Sitesrun ADI, which makes it easy to create eye-catching websites from scratch. ADI, in fact, is a key factor that makes Sitesrun the best personal website builder. All you need to do is input some of your basic details, including your contact information, business type, and online presence. The Sitesrun builder takes care of the rest. You’re also allowed to tweak the design after the site has been generated so that it caters exclusively to your tastes.

Considering its speedy application and ease of use, the Sitesrun ADI is perfect for busy business owners, bloggers, and users without vast technical knowledge. Sitesrun ADI, however, trades flexibility for simplicity. No longer are users able to seamlessly drag and drop images, apps, videos, and other elements like in the Sitesrun Editor. Your actions are a lot more restricted.

At the end of the day, no matter which tool you select, you will find it easy to create a stunning website easily. If you’re unsure about which method is right for you, check out the step-by-step guide below that showcases how you can use each tool to build your own Sitesrun website.

Additional programs

In addition, Sitesrun offers 3 options to upgrade your website for minimal cost:

  1. Basic  for $6.00 / month, you will get Drag & Drop Builder, 500MB Storage, Code Editors, No Ads, Free Subdomain
  2. Standard for $15.00 / month, you will get Drag & Drop Builder, 500MB Storage, Code Editors, No Ads, Custom Domains, Download Projects
  3. Pro for $25.00 / month, you will get Drag & Drop Builder, 2GB Storage, Code Editors, No Ads, Custom Domains, Download Projects, Export Projects to FTP


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There are lots of websites builder on the interent, don't you think that you're a little bit pricy?

November, 26 - Reply

Thanks John for your honest comment, though I think you're wrong, our website builder is the cheapst online, you can easily search, besides with us you get almost all the features for FREE, only some edditional features are with payment

November, 26 - Reply

Thank you for the information, this is very useful, I'm glad i found you, it helps a lot now to build a beautiful website for free.

December, 4 - Reply

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